Friday, February 28, 2014

What qualities to check before buying wood blind ?

When you go for buying a wood blind you should know some technical points like :-

Which wood is used in wood Blinds ?

There are many woods available in market.

Best among them is BASSWOOD reason  this wood is light in weight and the most strongest.The lighter the weight of the wood the easy it is to operate,the heavier the weight of wood, more tough it will be to operate.

Woods like MDF , Faux Wood ,some other Artificial wood are also available in market ,they also come cheap but they are the worst woods.They are very heavy and spoils the internal operating mechanism of wood blind.They are only good if you want them for a look and not for operating them.

How to check that the wood you are buying is basswood ?

MDF          : is made of cardboard  and is  very heavy.
Faux wood : is made of kind of plastic and is also very heavy.
Basswood  : is actual wood, strong and light in weight.

Ask your vendor to show you small sample of all the woods he is offering. You can check the quality of wood by breaking  it. 

If the size of window is more than 15 sqft , (and the wood used is not Basswood ) the blind will be very heavy.

Best option is to operate the blind before buying.

Always opt for BASSWOOD Slats.

Operating Mechanism ?

Best operating mechanism is Single Cord super smooth operating Mechanism.This is the most latest and easy operating mechanism for wood Blinds.Both the operation of Tilting and Lifting is done with one cord.So no more fuss with cords hanging around.

This operating mechanism can handle single blind size up to 60 SQFT.

Headrail : 

Headrail is a Top channel in which all operating components are installed. Insist on Aluminium headrail reason this metal is rust free, if you will go for MS/Iron  section ,it may lead to rust and sooner or later it may spoil internal components.

Maintenance ?

Wood Blinds don't require much of maintenance as they can easily be cleaned with damp cloth.And the headrail should always be covered from top as it will avoid dust entering inside the mechanism and if it is sealed from all sides blind will remain trouble free for years.

Avaialablity :

These blinds are available in many color combinations at Johnson Blinds in India.

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