Monday, June 9, 2014

Window Blinds for Offices ,Schools, Hotels ,Malls ,Resturants and Other Commercial Area’s.

Window Blinds for Offices ,Schools, Hotels ,Malls ,Resturants and Other Commercial Area’s.

It is always recommended to have  blinds on windows. These days wide variety of Window Blinds are available in market. It is up to the user to decide how much light and privacy is required.Different Blinds have different utilities.

Roller Blinds : These blinds are available in many different fabrics :

Blackout Fabrics : Used where 100% privacy is required. This fabric will block outside light and  will also help in reducing room temperature thus making air conditioning more effective. These Blinds can easily be rolled up to have clear outside view.Available in many colors.

Sunscreen Fabrics : These fabrics have pinholes in them which will allow 5% to 10% of light coming in room. These fabrics are recommended where privacy is not much concern.Can be used in offices and other commercial area’s.

Translucent Fabrics  : These fabrics basically diffuses light.Will turn the harsh light in to soft.Generally  it also blocks about 90% light. These are also called light filtering fabrics. These fabrics are available in many colors and designs .

 These all blinds can easily be motorized.

All these fabrics are reasonably priced and easily available in India at Johnson Blinds.