Friday, February 14, 2014

Should I go for motorizing my Blind or No ?

Motorising Window Blind  : Should I go for motorizing my Blind or No ? Many questions ?

Is motorization Expensive ?
Since the trend today is changing and now everybody want their everything to be controlled by remote ,So Why not the  Window Blinds?  

Concept for motorizing window blinds or curtains is increasing day by day and many companies all over the world  have jumped in to the production of high quality motors and remotes. Companies are trying to woo customers by offering better quality motors  at competitive prices. Major competition is among Somfy - France , Elero - Germany and Dooya - China  .Many other small companies are also in competition but these are the three most reliable. With lot of R & D, now all companies have introduced Super Silent Motors which means when you operate the blind you cannot hear sound of motor.

So ultimately the more competition among companies – the clients gets the better price.

Generally  for a normal size window of 12sqft to 22sqft a normal European motor will cost around US$135 to US$ 155 without remote and reliable Chinese motor somewhere around US$ 85 to US$ 110  and that too with remote , This cost is for motorization, cost of blind will be separate depending upon which fabric you select.

If I have more than 1 window in a room ,Do I have to buy separate remotes for all other windows ?
No ,no need to buy separate remotes .

Now Multi channel remotes are easily available. You can operate all blinds in a room with single remote. 

Maximum of 16 blinds can be operated with single remote.

Why should I choose motorization for my windows ?
These days most architects are opting for big sizes windows in rooms. Sometimes the window are of double height in that case it becomes really cumbersome to operate any blind manually,there it is most recommended to have motorization.

Motorisation is more a utility product than a fashion statement.

And ask your dealer how much warranty he is offering because if anytime after installation you have any trouble you can call your dealer.  Generally all companies offer warranty more than a year. Somfy comes with 5 year warranty.

Can I convert my existing blinds to motorise blinds?
Yes it is very easy to convert your any manually operated blind to motorization.

Are the motors Bulky and are visible ?
Motors are very very sleek and are hidden inside the roller tube. You cannot see motors.

My window size is huge , can I also opt for motorization?
Technician has to check the size of window , if it is really very big in that case you need to opt for heavy motors and if the size is still big you may have to put two or even more separate motors on a window but they can easily be operated together with single remote as mentioned earlier.

Does motors run on battery or with direct current.What about electricity bills ?
Motors generally consumes very less electricity. Only  5 Amp electicity point is required.

Where Can I get a reliable supplier in India ?
Johnson Blinds is one of the most recommended brand in India among Architects and Interior Designers for all kind of products related to blinds and motorization. Their technical person provides right suggestion, best quality motors and most reasonable prices.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. 

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