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It is big decision for any window .Window Treatments can significantly change of look of any room or décor especially if you have plenty of windows.Curtains have been the standard choice for years but more recently the people are beginning to discover the advantages of Blinds over Curtains.
Below are the reasons why Blinds are better compared to curtains :-

Blinds lets you control the light you let in:In terms of functionality blinds give you more options. Curtains can either be closed or open. However the blinds give the choice to control the amount of light & privacy required in any room by tilting the vanes still shielding the inside of your room from glaring sunlight and UV rays.

Lot of stitching Cost :
Curtains require tailoring job and you have to spend heavily on stitching. Blinds comes ready made, You are charged for complete set and not individually for fabric and stitching.Blinds are much cheaper as compared to cost of Curtain fabric 

Draping curtain a Tough Task :Draping and taking out curtains for washing is a tough task where as blinds can easily be installed or removed. No fuss for installing or taking it out.

Blinds are easier to Clean :Since curtains needs to be taken down and fully washed every three to four months, In India people generally wash their curtains before festival while the blinds can easily be cleaned either with damp cloth or with feather duster anytime and very easily, the cleaning process is much simpler and less stressful.

Curtains are bigger Fire Hazard than Blinds :One of the other major reasons why people switch from curtains to blinds is that  the curtains are more prone to fire. Curtains generally stretch from floor to ceiling and are made of fire prone fabric. Blinds on the other hand now also comes in fire retardant fabric and are also not very much prone to fire.

Curtains make small room look more small :This is correct ,since curtains have pleates and look much heavier ,they make small room look more small whereas blinds gives a much smart and complete look there by making room look bigger.

Control Light and Privacy :Blinds can easily control the light and privacy.You can control the vanes in any required direction to control the light entering the room. If the Blinds are partially open you can still see outside but no one can see inside.While the curtains need to be  either completely closed or open.

Which blinds suits your purpose :There are many designs,styles and colors of  fabrics available at Johnson Blinds. You can either visit their website or or you can call them to help you in making decision for selecting blind.

Blinds motorisation is cheaper :Yes blinds motors are much cheaper and better than curtain motors reason curtains are heavy so the curtain motors also needs to be heavy and that involves lot of cost where as  Blinds are lighter in weight and moreover  the sale of blinds motors is much much more  as compared to curtains motors,so the blinds motor come very budget friendly and are now easily available in India at Johnson Blinds.

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