Friday, February 20, 2015

Say "NO" to Vertical Blinds.

Vertical Blinds - #Vertical blind is a complete outdated product.
In this blind Fabric is cut in to 4 inches stripes and then all the fabrics strips are hanged in a channel.The problem with this blind is whenever you switch on the fan the vertical strips cant handle the air pressure and they start moving, which creates lot of noise and you will feel irritation as these blinds just can't even handle the air pressure of fan. 

Looks : as far as looks are concerned, these blinds give a very cheap and untidy  look to a window. 

Clean  : It is not possible to clean these blinds.

Operating mechanism : Since the product is out of fashion so there is no new development in operating system.After some time the controlling system is definitely going to create troubles , either the chain will break or the system will hang.With somany cords hanging around ,it will create confusion , which cord is for which purpose.

It is always better to go for latest products as you can always get more variety , latest fabrics , better color combinations and the easy operating systems.

Other products for blinds are Zebra Blinds, triple Shade Blinds , Blackout Blinds , Wooden Blinds and Remote operated Blinds.

All these varieties are available at #JohnsonBlinds , Delhi,India.

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